About Us


GrandForce Technology Solutions is a leading technological solutions company focused on establishing and operating remote dedicated teams for IT consulting, servicing, training, application development, systems integration, technology procurement, cloud services and back office support. Based on our unique, proprietary business model of remote in-sourcing, GrandForce has successfully served as the technology partner for several firms from variety of industries like telecommunications, oil and gas, insurance, banking & finance, government, education, retail/commerce, logistics, health and others.

The Internet has been the catalyst for extensive change in our social and professional lives and it is one of the crucial technologies that feed our belief in constant social progress, with ethics being an uncompromising universal value that governs all our advances. A strong sense of dynamic development and constant ethical grounding are the driving forces behind GrandForce that encourage innovation, trust, and professional growth with aim to help our clients succeed.

GrandForce aspires to become an outsourcing leader within the country and beyond. Our unique proposition of remote in-sourcing lies in serving as a total developer of dedicated engineering teams that operate as an extension of the client’s organization, including both on-shore and off-/near-shore components and covering a wide spectrum of engineering capabilities. We strive to become a globalization enabler for companies worldwide and provide them with all the benefits of the modern global service markets.

Our professional services provide expert resources, passion for innovation, leading-edge technologies and well-established business processes to help our clients realize their most challenging and complex business visions with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.