Cloud Services

Most people today have heard of cloud computing and use it in their day to day lives without realising it through online banking services, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Cloud computing is the new name for hosted services and is something we offer all of our customers at very affordable rates.

Imagine creating a document using your computer at your office, and then being able to access that document from another computer anywhere in the world as long as that computer is connected to the Internet. That is cloud computing and one of the many benefits it has for businesses today!

Cloud computing benefits smaller organisations that do not wish to have large outlays on purchasing in-house servers. It also takes the time-consuming and complicated administrative tasks away from you. Here at GrandForce we ensure that the software is always up to date, and your security always to the highest possible standards.

There are various solutions that we can offer that we are happy to discuss with you to get the right solution for you to enable you to have your workspace your way.

If you think that cloud computing is for you the services we offer include Cloud Telephony, Office 365, Server Hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud Backup and lots more.