Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning is maintained by the Information Security team. Online Backup and Disaster Recovery acts as an insurance policy that minimises risk to the business and helps you avoid an unplanned career break. Disaster Recovery is an insurance policy; you will never appreciate it until you desperately need it. Whether you have a minor disruption or the unthinkable happens, business users are impatient and you will be expected to recover your systems within minutes, whatever the situation.

We automate online backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures your recovery time objectives are measured in minutes not days. You can manage your whole recovery infrastructure from a central position and frequent recovery points minimise disruption to the business, regardless of the situation. Our implementation can be as a fully-outsourced managed service or configured as an internally managed platform, providing you with flexible ways to maintain control of your DR process and manage your budgets.

By leveraging our virtual and physical disaster recovery solutions, organisations can achieve enterprise class service levels and total peace of mind that their systems and data can be recovered and accessed quickly in the event of a disaster. We tailor disaster recovery solutions to meet the most basic or the most complex disaster recovery strategies.