We develop solutions and applications to foster government activities. The era of E-Government, which can be defined as the use of IT within government to achieve more efficient operations, better quality of service and easy public access to government information and services, is now underway. The IT world that surrounds public administration in the has changed markedly. Technology diffusion within the society has been pervasive, with personal computers and the Internet extending to more households. Internet-based e-business and E-Government services are rapidly connecting businesses, households and governments, thereby creating a much richer and more subtle IT environment.

Experience with information technology and administrative reform has shown the technology to be useful in some cases of administrative reform, but only in cases where expectations for reform are already well-established. IT application does not cause reform, and cannot encourage it where the political will to pursue the reform does not exist. Also, IT application has brought relatively little change to organization structures, and seems to reinforce existing structures.