IT Outsourcing

As an IT outsourcing company, we aim to help IT departments free themselves from day to day operational activity to allow them to deliver strategic value back to their business by creating a scalable infrastructure that is closely aligned to their organisations core business operations. In short delivering a better service for less cost. We take responsibility for all of your IT systems; such as email, firewalls, systems monitoring, data centre hosting etc, and deliver a service up to and including the operating system level, all based on agreed service levels for a fixed number of years.

Advanced are able to offer application development and support skills to deliver a fully supported application management outsourced service, either for existing legacy applications or for new applications being developed by Advanced or others. This can be delivered as a fully managed IT outsourcing service or as part of an application tier only support service, offering the highest level of service at all times. All IT Outsourcing contracts are governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees the levels of service a customer can expect in terms of system uptime and application delivery.

Some of the benefits for your organisation will include:

  • Systems kept running allowing focus on core business functions
  • Increased business efficiency by aligning IT to business requirements
  • Reduced business risk by investing in service not technologies
  • Access to expertise and the advantage of the latest technologies
  • Resolvement of recruitment and retention problems
  • Fixed service level agreements to core services, ensuring system and business uptime for business financial certainty with predictable and fixed monthly costs removing the traditional spiked IT capital expenditure
  • The flexibility and scalability needed to survive in the challenging market conditions today and those of the future