IT Procurement

If you have ever had problems about the choice and procurement of electronic and technological devices for your business enterprise, then you can imagine the headache that accompanies the decision to purchase 50, 100, 1000 PCs for a business.

We have been making these decisions for businesses as part of their managed services for the last 23 years. We understand that buying hardware and software becomes very complex very quickly, which is where our knowledge and expertise comes in. We can identify which PCs hold up well in a corporate environment? Which servers play well with the network and other infrastructure? Which vendors provide the best service, and most importantly which are the best hardware and software solutions for our individual customers.

We do not believe in one-size fits all, consequently we will work with you to get the right solutions for your business. We partner with the major IT vendors and are able to bring our customers discounted pricing on most server, PCs, laptops, network gear, and software out there.

When your old equipment needs to be replaced, not only will we give you notice beforehand as part of our management services, but we will also ensure that your old equipment is disposed in an environmentally friendly way, and all data is securely wiped to the USA department of defense standard, ensuring that you will not be left liable.