E-commerce and information technology have added a striking new dimension to modern life as well as the modern marketplace. In turn, the explosion of related commercial applications has given rise to a vast number of intellectual property issues and disputes. E-commerce and the internet have created new ways in which businesses can relate to their customers, suppliers, partners and investors. The Internet’s open architecture allows for new relationships, channels and ways of doing business among manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers and end-users. At GrandForce, we have been advising and representing clients of all types, from multi-national corporations to start-ups and entrepreneurs, in e-commerce and information technology matters since the very start of the Internet’s widespread commercial use.

We appreciate the importance of technology in our client’s businesses and assist with a range of information technology matters. We are also aware of the increasing number of business that supply online and we are available to advise on e-commerce compliance issues.