We form strategic partnership with IT giants in the creation and commercialization of innovative technologies in telecommunications and information systems. Our clients recognise the importance of adapting their operating models and strategy to this new environment, which in turn requires new skills to harness the value of asset partnerships, industry consolidation and business-model innovations. With its deep knowledge across the entire value chain, our London TMT Practice, assisted by a host of experts from our global network, is well equipped to serve clients on these exciting and pressing challenges.

Our client relationships are founded on delivering consistent ongoing impact. By working closely with clients and utilising our proprietary tools and proven approaches, we help them achieve the flexibility and speed they need to succeed in dynamic industries. In an era of continuing convergence and cost reduction, we provide solutions that enable the migration to next generation networking. We provide 24/7 support provided by web based ticketing system and automated SMS to support engineers as well as manned telephones backed up by 24/7 support from all equipment vendors. Full hardware redundancy is built into the solution design from power supplies and network interfaces up to service component redundancy and load balancing to provide carrier grade service reliability.